It’s that time of year already. It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were blogging about summer holidays and now it’s back to school time. The rising cost of school uniforms has been in the news, and at a time when money is tight, it does not make for particularly welcome reading!

Whether starting a whole new school or just another year, it’s inevitable that your little one(s) are going to need fresh supplies. As always, we at Temptation believe we’ve got plenty of great solutions to help your child go back to school with style, and at a great price.

Paul Frank Julius Design - Pink Satchel

We asked around the office to discover what everyone treasured most when at school, although for some of us it was a lot longer ago than we care to admit! For Tom, it was his satchel. “It was my first type of bag like that – just before going into sixth form,” he explained. “Obviously in a practical sense it was necessary to have a bag, but I felt like this satchel made me look A: grown up, and B: pretty cool!” Like many of our favourite childhood possessions, he still keeps the bag on a shelf somewhere, unused but waiting – just in case!

A good bag is both stylish and practical and, perhaps most importantly, should last a long time. We’ve got a selection at Temptation, but some of our particular favourites are the Paul Frank bags featuring our favourite monkey, Julius. There are a range of different shoulder bags to choose from in various colours, meaning your child can stand out from the crowd.

For another of our web marketing team, Lisa, it was all about a particular notebook. Whilst many of her classmates went for the bright pink and shimmering covers, Lisa (as you would expect of a member of Temptation) was all about understated style. We’ve pressed her for a picture (as of yet, there has been none forthcoming) so we can only really imagine what its “swirling pastel colours” look like.

As well as their obvious practical importance, notebooks can also show off a bit of your personality. We’ve got a whole range of styles at Temptation, from the humorous to the gorgeous. But if, like Lisa, you’re after something stylishly understated, you couldn’t do much better than taking a look at Orla Kiely’s range of stationary. With a classy acorn design and warm earthy colours, this notebook in particular would make a great first impression for any new classmates.


An Orla Kiley Acorn Cup Notebook

An Orla Kiley Acorn Cup Notebook