It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since our last (first) blog post, but time moves at quite a pace in the world of Temptation.

We have some exciting news from one of our leading brands and best partners, Dunoon. For those not in the know, Dunoon produce fine bone china mugs and we already have hundreds of stylish and beautiful examples on our website; in fact, we’re mightily proud to be their recommended online retailer.

Each year they produce a dated festive mug and plate, usually stocked by a nation-wide high street store. This year, however, the set is only going to be available online, meaning many more people (we believe) are going to flock to Temptation. It makes a great collector’s item and we think you’re going to love it!

This brings us neatly to our most exciting new addition here at headquarters: a new photo studio! We moved offices a few weeks ago and have been steadily getting to grips with our new equipment, and we’re delighted with the results.

Our shiny new photo studio.

We pride ourselves on quality: not just of the products we sell but in how we sell them. Our new photo studio allows us to take even more defined and accurate images of all our stock, as well as – and here’s the really exciting part – being able to do so in 360 degrees! Using a revolving turntable and some nifty software, we’re able to create images that allow you to rotate the product a full 360 degrees. The aim is to give you an even better view of what the item looks like; you can also zoom in to examine any part in meticulous detail. 

Much of our time at present is being spent photographing various Dunoon mugs with the new software, meaning that at some point in the near future we will have a whole range of beautiful, rotating mugs. We’re extremely proud of our new bit of kit and how things are looking, and we’ll be sure to tell you when we start getting many more of them online!