Gold Star Worthy Gifts

Summer is upon is and in less than a couple of weeks’ time children of the UK will be leaving through the school gates for the last time (until September of course!)

Whether you are moving on up to a new school or simply across the hall, it’s always nice to say a little thank you to that special teacher who has helped you memorise those times tables, or taught you all about the colourful character of the Tudor world.

So what do you get them? What makes the perfect gift?

We met up with a couple of local school teachers from the area to discuss some of their best (and worst!) teacher gifts!

What was your best gift?

Teacher 1: I was once given a bird table! – Slightly bizarre – and far too much for an End of Term gift certainly – but I loved it, it’s still in my garden today!
Teacher 2: A keg of larger was my best!
Teacher 3: I love giraffes, it is great when my students pick up on things I like! – A especially love my Laser Giraffe and bookmark.

And what about your worst?

Teacher 3: I’m not sure what happened but I was once given half a bottle of nail varnish…
Teacher 1 : A used beer mat!?
Teacher 2: I got given half a box of chocolates… I have a sneaky suspicion that this may have happened during the transportation from home to school!


Group: Matchmakers! – We get at least 10 boxes between us – I don’t even like them!

Of course it is all about the thought, the teachers discussed that some of their favourites have just been simple letters of thanks detailing exactly how they have helped. 

Teacher 1: These are what I treasure the most – I love the personal touch and I keep them all in a file to look back on - it really helps especially when you are having bad days!  We don't need extravant gifts! 

We’ve taken some time to do some research to find some gold star worthy gifts and we have come up with a selection of handmade ideas and shop brought gifts to put a smile on your teacher’s face – with no matchmakers to be seen!

      1. 1. Bake some cookies, you can share them out between different teachers that your child has worked with – or just give a big batch for the staff room to share! – Plus your little one can help you make them

        Bake Cookies 

      2. 2. Teacher Tin – The teacher tin is our best-selling teacher gift! – Gift it alone, or fill it with additional treats
        .Teachers Tin
      3. 3. Why not get the class to group together? Write out a series of kind messages and pictures that can be put together in a book. Definitely something money can’t buy! - Inspo Link 
      4. 4. A mug. Every teacher loves a mug (Teacher 2: I am always losing mugs in the staff room, I can’t get enough!) you can either gift it how it comes, or why not fill it with some chocolate, pens, or even use it as a pot for a small plant!
      5. 5. Notebooks/Notepaper – If you can write on it, a teacher will want it. From early meetings to drafting up a shopping list on their break – notepaper is always needed and appreciated.
      6. 6. How about gifting something to the room, rather than the teacher. A book, perhaps with a plaque in it from your child. It's a great gift that the teacher can keep with them and also a gift for classes to come.
      7. 7. Your gift can be very simple and basic, but with some clever wording it becomes super special;
        How about a doughnut with the message of ‘Doughnut I’d do without a teacher like you’
        Highlighters – ‘You’ve been the highlight of my year’
        Mints – ‘Having you as a teacher has mint so much to me’
        More ideas here

      8. 8. Did the class have a portrait this year? (See if anyone has a copy of it, if you don’t) – Get it mounted, have the class sign their names around it and then frame it. A perfect inexpensive gift that all the class can pitch in for.
      9. 9. East of India has a great range of little keepsake gifts for teachers, from little tags that you can attach to other products to simple keyrings and bookmarks East of India 
      10. 10. With the amount of marking that teachers take home, they need a trusty bag to help. Our Personalised Cotton Bag is perfect – personalise it to read something relevant and it will be a practical gift that they will be able to use for years to come!  


There we have it; teacher gifts don’t have to cost the earth!

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