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Special gifts for precious Babies and Toddlers

All children are special and we have keepsakes, practical items and toys and books to be enjoyed. All of them show how much you care about these important little people! Here is a collection of some of our gifts help you choose the perfect present for a baby or toddler.

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  1. East of India ‘Kiss Me Goodnight’ Wobbly Hanging Heart
    Special Price AU$9.84 AU$10.94
  2. Jellycat Bredita Bunny Soother
    Special Price AU$21.89 AU$23.72
  3. Jellycat Medium Beige Blue Blossom Bunny
    Special Price AU$32.84 AU$34.67
  4. East of India ‘A Baby is a Miracle’ Wobbly Hanging Heart
    Special Price AU$9.84 AU$10.94
  5. Zippy Baby Blue & White Unboxed Bandana Bibs – 4 Pack
    Special Price AU$9.58 AU$19.17
  6. East of India Wooden Hanger Moon & Stars Mobile
    Special Price AU$12.32 AU$13.69
  7. Jellycat Bonbon Sloth
    Special Price AU$23.72 AU$25.54
  8. ‘Baby Girl’ Pop Up Card
  9. Dunoon Fairy Tales Little Red Riding Hood Lomond Shape Mug
    Special Price AU$30.95 AU$33.78
  10. East of India Guardian Angel Little Porcelain Pot
    Special Price AU$19.70 AU$21.89
  11. Jellycat Casper Cat
    Special Price AU$29.19 AU$31.02
  12. Wooden Retro Wiggly Worm
    Special Price AU$6.55 AU$7.28
  13. ‘Baby Boy’ Pop Up Card
  14. East of India Noah’s Ark Mobile
    Special Price AU$16.41 AU$18.24
  15. Sophie Allport Flamingos Children’s Melamine Set
    Special Price AU$36.90 AU$49.20
  16. Jellycat Zoom To The Moon Crinkle Book
    Special Price AU$18.24 AU$20.06
  17. Jellycat Jungly Tails Soft Fabric Book
    Special Price AU$21.89 AU$23.72
  18. East of India Wooden Snowman Christmas Mobile
    Special Price AU$18.06 AU$20.06
  19. Jellycat Bedtime Elephant Soother
    Special Price AU$32.84 AU$34.67
  20. Jellycat Riverside Rambler Badger
    Special Price AU$40.07 AU$43.73
  21. Jellycat Riverside Rambler Mole
    Special Price AU$32.84 AU$34.67
  22. East of India Baby Triple Box Set Pink
    Special Price AU$19.64 AU$21.82

Items 1-30 of 159

Set Ascending Direction
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