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Gifts for Her

Are you looking for the perfect gift to please the lady in your life? Whether that special someone is a wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or just a good friend, we have something to please her. This carefully chosen selection of gifts both feminine and practical will suit all tastes and personalities, arranged in easy to browse categories. Whether it’s fashion or jewellery, pampering, cooking or even outdoor activities, there’s something here for every girl, young or old!

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Something for the fashion-conscious?
  1. Whales Canvas Wash Bag
    Whales Canvas Wash Bag
    Special Price CN¥167.93 CN¥176.77
  2. Whales Everyday Bag
    Whales Everyday Bag
    Special Price CN¥184.38 CN¥194.11
  3. Hummingbird Cosmetic Mirror
    Hummingbird Cosmetic Mirror
    Special Price CN¥112.66 CN¥132.56
  4. Ostrich Pouch
    Ostrich Pouch
    Special Price CN¥165.01 CN¥194.11
  5. Hummingbird Glasses Case
    Hummingbird Glasses Case
    Special Price CN¥135.21 CN¥159.09
  6. Metallic Spot Glasses Case
    Metallic Spot Glasses Case
    Special Price CN¥119.29 CN¥132.56
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Is she a stationery lover?
  1. A5 Ostrich Notebook
    A5 Ostrich Notebook
    Special Price CN¥75.08 CN¥88.34
  2. Ostrich Magnetic Jotter Pad
    Ostrich Magnetic Jotter Pad
    Special Price CN¥67.56 CN¥79.50
  3. Swallows A4 Storage Box
    Swallows A4 Storage Box
    Special Price CN¥120.18 CN¥141.40
  4. Ostrich Slim Pencil Case
    Ostrich Slim Pencil Case
    Special Price CN¥150.25 CN¥176.77
  5. Lilac Essential Pencil Case
    Lilac Essential Pencil Case
    Special Price CN¥119.29 CN¥132.56
  6. Slogan Boxed Set Of Five Pens
    Slogan Boxed Set Of Five Pens
    Special Price CN¥174.74 CN¥194.11
  7. Yellow Bedtime Journal
    Yellow Bedtime Journal
    Special Price CN¥182.96 CN¥203.30
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Something for the home?
  1. Rabbit & Cabbage Apron
    Rabbit & Cabbage Apron
    Special Price CN¥197.73 CN¥247.17
  2. Whales Statement Tea Towel
    Whales Statement Tea Towel
    Special Price CN¥75.52 CN¥79.50
  3. Whales Double Oven Glove
    Whales Double Oven Glove
    Special Price CN¥176.42 CN¥185.71
  4. Whales Set of Four Coasters
    Whales Set of Four Coasters
    Special Price CN¥125.93 CN¥132.56
  5. Whales Set of Four Placemats
    Whales Set of Four Placemats
    Special Price CN¥251.59 CN¥264.85
  6. Hummingbird Address Book
    Hummingbird Address Book
    Special Price CN¥127.70 CN¥150.25
  7. Whales Solo Standard Mug
    Whales Solo Standard Mug
    Special Price CN¥100.72 CN¥106.03
  8. Whales Small Printed Tray
    Whales Small Printed Tray
    Special Price CN¥151.13 CN¥159.09
  9. Whales Adult Apron
    Whales Adult Apron
    Special Price CN¥176.42 CN¥185.71
  10. Whales Tea Towel
    Whales Tea Towel
    Special Price CN¥75.52 CN¥79.50
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